Thought to note some mistakes I have done in my career. I wish at that time someone had shaken me and told me not to do these. So hope someone will learn from my mistakes.

In many occasions in my career at the edge of my promotions, I have moved away from the company and joined another for the same position. Why you may ask. At that time, I was telling everyone that it is time to move on. If I stay here, I will not be able to do what I want to do. That answer had in me so deep and I did not feel I am doing badly for myself.

However, when I turn back now I know I was running away. Every time I move on, I sow how disappointed my managers are. They say that I can do great things. I am one of the best people they had worked with and I have skills to move in to senior positions very easily. Promotions came to me quickly. However, I was scared to take a risk. I always thought they are just telling these just to retain me. May be they are. Nevertheless, I know some did not. I was happy to be in my bubble and move away to another company when I feel my world is about to change.

How wrong I was. I think now I understand that I have done great mistakes in my life. I was scared to fail when everyone had high expectations for me. I always wanted to be that person everyone praise but never wanted to be a reason for a failure.

When I move to UK, I had to start everything from the beginning as I started looking for work after 1.5 years. I had to take a career break. Again, everything changed. Different culture, people and expectations. Within the first 6 months, I had become a key member in the team where everyone respected my decisions and judgements. Within a year, they planned to promote me. Here it goes again…Do I move? Do I stay? I had to think hard and decided I am not moving and I will take the challenge. It is almost 5 years since I started in this company and I should say it was never dull a moment. The challenges, the failures and the success grew me stronger. Now I am working towards my next promotion. Building up my profile in the company. Taking pet projects to challenge myself more. Managing and mentoring people.

If I have taken the challenges in the 7 years before I move in to UK, I know I would have been very successful. There were no mentor for me at that time to understand what I am going through and advise me what is right or wrong.

I share my story with the people I mentor because I think it is my responsibility to tell them what not to do. The advice I never got. Therefore, I hope if you are reading this as a new starter then you will learn and understand what not to do. Not hold back and take risks. Believe in yourself. If you are, an experienced person may be you can share my story or ignore it completely 🙂

After all… Life is all about choices…

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