You should never give up!!!

This is a note to myself appreciating the fact that I have not given up…

There was this bit of functionality that I have not covered in the regression test suite I need to attend. Simply because the functionality is becoming complex and risk of the solution to the business is increasing.

So I started.

The application is a scheduled task which generate zip files. My task is to check the format and data on different xml files inside that zip. To trigger the functionality I have to trigger a bat file. All these are in a remote machine.

I have not done this before and I didn’t want to attempt because I did not know where to start.

So the mission started about 9 days before.


I Googled and ask the fellow developers how to do this. My husband suggested I should try Psexec. With the help of one of the development team member in the team I got the bat file run through the test.


Read the generated files in the remote folder. Again I Googled, asked my fellow developers. They said its possible but they haven’t done it before to help me. I was going in loops in same documentation for few days…

Yesterday I found how it needs to be done…


I am in the process of writing the complete check now.

Lesson learn… never give up. Even though you are at the edge of giving up, never stop thinking. One way or other you will find the solution. These are the things that keep me motivated to be a Test analyst…


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