There and back again : A note to myself…

I was going through a period where I was thinking whether I should keep going as a tester, change my career as a Business analyst, or project management. I was in two states of mind. I was not sure.

I have tried business analysis and I have tried project management in smaller scale while being a tester. Did I do well? Yes I did. Did I like the job? Yes I did. Do I want to go for a job change?  Hmmm…

I like being technical. I like to change configuration values and see how application behave. I am happier when I find a bug where no one thought of or create a test or a small application to help day-to-day work. I like to put my nose in to code and see how things work.

If I become a business analyst, I know I will always go and dig the database. Even if I become a project manager, I will want to brainstorm over test strategy. I will circle around the world and will come back to testing.

Being the one tester in the team is not open up many doors and I felt everyone progress in their careers except me. However, I know it is not true because with time I realise being the only tester in the team or one of the testers in the team I can make an impact. Mentor and inspire other testers.

I have started helping out with the tester’s chapter at the office and realise how much I can do to help and how much I enjoy being able to help and inspire others.

So am I going to change my job? Nah! Why? Because I am a hard-core tester…


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